Minnesota Nature School

our mission

The goal of the Minnesota Nature School is to guide people to a life of harmony with the Earth.  Through fundamental nature living skills we can experience life in the proper context of our biology.  It is my goal to help people develop a deep and interactive relationship with the Earth and all things.


An evening well spent, a bag of Lobster mushrooms and a bag of trash

Hey, my name is Arrio, and I work as a framing carpenter in the Twin Cities.  I’ve been serious about primitive survival skills since 2008 when I began training at the Tracker School with Tom Brown Jr.  TBJ was tutored by an Apache elder for 10 years in the philosophy and skills of living with the Earth.   I was guided to his school by a series of extraordinary circumstances which have set the tone for the rest of my life.

Over the course of my younger and mid 20s, I spent over 2 years living outside.   I spent as much of that time as possible meditating, observing nature, and working skills.   I’ve also trained with Kevin Reeve, once the head instructor at the Tracker School and now the owner of OnPoint Tactical where he teaches skills to civilians and elite teams such as seals, rangers, marine force recon, s.e.r.e. instructors and others.